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This wiki is an editable English-Esperanto Dictionary available to anyone.

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Many of the entries here will be of the type which do not yet appear in print dictionaries. My preference would be to stay away from neologisms and to use kunmetaĵoj as much as possible. At the very least, put the neologism second after the kunmetaĵo.

  • Please keep the entries in alphabetical order and carefully check your spelling of the English and Esperanto words.
  • Keep all entries to lower case unless they are proper names.
  • If you're not absolutely sure of your entry, just put a question mark (?) after it and eventually someone will check it out.
  • This dictionary is edited with an American mindset. If you put in an entry from one of the other English speaking countries, please note the term with (BR) for England, (CA) for Canada or (AU) for Australia, if it is particular to that land.

The navigation section below appears in each section for finding entries beginning with the same letter.

I have no problem with uploading small pictures to better describe what is meant by a word, as long as this doesn't become a mini wikipedia. However, I'd have no objections to a group of vocabulary words being grouped together on a separate page, or category , say for words pertaining to a certain trade or game such as chess. It might be simpler though at that point to link to a vikipedio article about the subject.
Any suggestions for improving this dictionary are welcome, as are volunteer editors. With a little work, this can be a great project.

If you find this dictionary useful, please tell others.

Unfortunately, because of frequent spammer attacks I have been forced to make changes to the Dictionary pages of this wiki accessible to sysops only. If you would like to become an editor of this dictionary please email me hereor put a request on this page

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Request a Word: Words we'd love to have Esperanto cognates for, but can't figure out.Or you can email me here, and I'll add it for you.

Unsure how to edit a wiki? I'll do it for you. Suggest a Word

Join our Vortoj Yahoo Group to discuss possible word cognates. This will keep the pages clean of endless comments.

Looking to help fill things out?  Check out the Glossaries Needing Work

[edit] Useful Online Dictionaries

Fundamento de Esperanto

kaj la Universala Vortaro

kaj la Akademia Vortaro

Plena Ilustrita Vortaro online: You will need to register to use this resource.

Esperanto-English Dictionary M.C. Butler

Revo: Esperanto words defined in Esperanto with some national language equivalents..

Bonlingva Vortaro Vortaro, kiu ne nur listigos radikojn kaj kunmetaĵojn kun iliaj signifoj, sed ankaŭ mencios informojn pri la uzindeco kaj la lingvostila nivelo de la radikoj kaj kunmetaĵoj.

Simplaj Samsignifaj Vortoj: Simplaj vortoj kompreneblaj kaj konstruataj surbaze de la krea kapablo de Esperanto anstataŭ la neanalizeblaj novaj radikoj (neologismoj).

Americanisms: Provo pri tradukoj de anglalingvaj esprimoj al Esperanto.

Esperanto Panorama: Esperanto-English dictionary. (Use your browser's 'find' function to use the other way too.)

Sonja's English-Esperanto Dictionary: Very modern terms which are probably not in print dictionaries.

English Esperanto Annotated Dictionary: This is basically Benson's Eng-Esp dictionary with annotations.

Hejma Vortaro: Esperanto Defined dictionary for things found around the home and family.

Richardson vortareto: Plain text Esperanto-English dictionary.

Esperanto Wictionary Project

Rock and Pop: Popular music lexicon

Astronomia Terminaro

Terminareto de kino

Medicina Vortaro

[edit] Getting started

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

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